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Don’t Fence Me In

The evolution of office design takes into account many factors, none more important at this moment than the economy and workplace technology. As businesses strive to keep up with these technologies, less workspace and tighter budgets, it makes sense that making changes to the way we work should follow.

Flexibility and freedom are leading the way in some office environments, a reversal of thinking it seems. In the late sixties when Herman Miller introduced the cubicle, the goal was to provide more privacy and less distraction resulting in higher productivity. Yet today, in many work environments, collaboration is essential.

A recent article from Fast Company cites the collaborative culture of companies like Nordstrom and Zappos and their belief that cohesion, working together across many departments is the key to their success, shaping their employees behavior, focus and most importantly, efficiency.

The office furnishings industry has evolved with this mentality to meet the needs of companies that no longer focus designs on the individual worker. For these companies, the size and shape of a cubicle no longer dictate the layout of their office. Kimball Office leads the way in providing solutions—from desks and seating to elements that further customize the space such as storage components, screens, panels, mobile work surfaces and cord management.

Described by Kimball as the sound of a team working well both individually and together, the name of their Hum (above) collection was born.

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