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The Modern-Day Medicine Cabinet

For some of you, the idea of a medicine cabinet might conjure up memories of your grandparents’ bathroom. But we’re pretty certain that their medicine cabinet didn’t include cold storage as an option, or an LCD TV. While their purpose remains the same; simplifying our daily routines, offering storage and reducing clutter, these modern-day models actually add to the beauty of a space.

Medicine Cabinet Designs from Kohler & Robern

M Series Medicine Cabinet by Robern
M Series by Robern

The M Series from Robern offers a cold storage option, perfect for keeping compresses, beverages, beauty products and vitamins fresh and cool. Dual-compartments allow for the separation of cold and regular storage spaces and its modular design is ideal for creating custom whole-room storage solutions. Also from Robern, the Uplift cabinet (seen below) offers an innovative take on the traditional medicine cabinet complete with an electrical outlet, interior lighting and a sliding door that lifts straight up and holds in position.

Robern Uplift Medicine Cabinet
Uplift by Robern

If you’ve found yourself leaning forward for a closer look in your bathroom mirror, Kohler created the Verdera™ series with you in mind. Verdera™ features a magnifying mirror that pulls out from the cabinet and slides up and down to accommodate different heights. When not in use, the mirror folds flat onto the door. Cabinets are available in one-, two- and three-door combinations and some offer an optional left- or right-hand swing. And the Verdera™ design allows for easy installation, no more difficult than hanging a picture on the wall.


Medicine Cabinet_Kohler Verdera
Verdera by Kohler

A large selection of Robern and Kohler medicine cabinets are on display at Premier Plumbing Studio, including the M Series and Uplift models. Call 314.872.9339  or stop by the showroom for more information.