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Sub-Zero PRO 48 Series from AUTCOhome


A self-proclaimed β€œmasterpiece of preservation,” the Sub-Zero PRO 48 Refrigerator/Freezer is crafted from 100% steel and can be built-in or assembled as a freestanding unit. Dual refrigeration means that two compressors and three evaporators are working hard to ensure your food stays fresher, longer. And sealed storage compartments prohibit the transfer of odors. Organization in the Sub-Zero PRO 48 is made easy with available adjustable, removable dividers and the temperature can be monitored from a convenient external, digital display. The Sub-Zero PRO 48 series meets the standards of the US Department of Energy and is Kosher Certified as Sabbath and holiday compliant. For more information on the PRO 48 series call 314.373.2000 or visit AUTCOhome.

Sub-Zero Pro 48