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Wolf Range Hoods | Considering Your Kitchen Venitlation Options

Wall Range Hood by Wolf

Whether you’re approaching a complete kitchen renovation or simply upgrading your high-end appliances, range hoods are imperative to protect your cabinetry and woodwork and to maintain your kitchen’s temperature. Range hoods contain exhaust fans that ventilate heat, steam and smoke from the cooking surface. A leader in cooking instruments, Wolf provides a wide range of ventilation options—downdrafts, island hoods or wall hoods—each offering unique shapes, styles and features suitable for varying kitchen configurations.

Range Hood by Wolf

The Wolf Island Hood and the more powerful Pro Island Hood are ideal for centralized cooking spaces. Their attractive, sculpted shapes lend beauty as well as power. The hood’s heat sentry feature automatically turns the unit on when heat is sensed while automatically adjusting the blower speed.

Range Hoods by Wolf

Wolf’s Cooktop Wall Hood includes a five-layer mesh filter that easily removes for cleaning.
Powerful blowers pair with sculpted steel for a unit as beautiful as it is functional.


Having a custom range hood created for your kitchen?
The Wolf Pro Hood Liner offers superior ventilation in a variety multiple depths and widths.
All models have a height of 12”.


To learn more about your range hood options, visit AUTCOhome Monday through Saturday or call 314.373.2000.