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Dishwashers: Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose a Miele

Miele Dishwasher | Available through AUTCOhome

This week marks the beginning of the holiday season, and what might possibly prove the hardest working month for your dishwasher all year. If yours is on the brink of a breakdown or a kitchen update is in the near future, we have ten reasons why a Mieile dishwasher is right for you.

1) Customization; make it your own with a choice of baskets, inserts and holders including our favorite, the 3D cutlery tray.

2) Because we know design is important to you (or you wouldn’t be reading this blog), you should know that the Miele line offers a variety of style options. Sizes include the standard 24” as well as an 18” model known as the Slimline. You can choose to have your controls showing or concealed and your front panel may come in black, white, Clean Touch Steel™ or a custom panel front.

3) Miele dishwashers qualify for the Energy Star Program, meaning they exceed the EPA’s energy use standards by more than 25%.

4) They are quiet. Very, very quiet.

5) The AutoSensor feature adjusts the intensity and duration of the cleaning cycle automatically.

6) Designed to accommodate delicate items, the Futura Series will handle your grandmother’s fine china with care.

7) Most Miele dishwashers utilizes the unique CleanAir™ drying system which draws room temperature air through the bottom of the appliance and disburses it through select channels around its exterior. No external air is introduced during the process fostering the most effective, hygienic environment for drying.

8) Clean Touch Steel™ is an innovative finish designed to resist fingerprints, scratches and smudges. Parents, can you imagine?

9) The ProfiLine, Miele’s fastest integrated model, features powerful pumps and quick programs for an impressive 23 minute cycle. Select models feature Turbo Mode, a feature that reduces the program time by 30% while maintaining the same powerful performance.

10) Moms, you’ll love this—SaniWash is a high-temperature program providing total confidence in sanitation levels. No more sanitizing bottles, and great for cutting boards and utensils as well.

Find out which Miele is right for you—get started now. For more information visit AUTCOhome Monday through Saturday or call 314.373.2000.

Photos from Meile.com