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Nightlight Toilet Technology from Kohler

Nightlight Toilet

Nightlight Toilet by Kohler

Every time you find yourself saying, “They’ve thought of everything,” KOHLER does it again–this time with seniors, children…and select few husbands in mind. Sci-fi fans might even dig this high-tech toilet innovation. Nighttime trips to the loo can be a little tricky to navigate, especially if you’re a potty training toddler. But thanks to the KOHLER Nightlight toilet seat, the path is clear.

Nightlight Toilet by Kohler

The Cachet Q3 Nightlight toilet seat and Reveal Q3 Nightlight toilet seat will emit a soft glow from two LED bulbs, requiring two AA batteries about every six months. Simply set the cycle and the light will turn on at the same time every night.

For added convenience, note KOHLER’s Quiet-Close feature, thankfully putting a stop to the loud slamming of seats.

View the entire selection of toilet seats with Nightlight technology online, and stop by Premier Plumbing Studio to see the showroom display.