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Villa Shade from the Kimball Office Villa Collection

Kimball Office Villa Collection

With the introduction of the Kimball Office Villa Collection, commercial designers have gained access to innovative, modular designs promising convenience, versatility, accessibility and privacy with Villa Shade lounge seating. In a fully-equipped Villa Lounge, complete with privacy shades, data, power and work surface, we’re pretty sure we could hang out all day. Check out the details below and note the difference in the semi-private and private shade designs.

Villa Collection

Shade options include private or semi-private.

Designer details include square legs with platinum powder coat and the availability of contrasting upholstery.

Shades can be applied to the right, left or right and left of the lounge.
Ganging brackets can allow for the sharing of a single shade between two units.

With optional data and power accessibility the unit can provide complete comfort and convenience.

Kimball Office Villa CollectionVilla Privacy-Back One-Seat Lounge with Semi-Private Shades

Kimball Office Villa CollectionVilla Privacy-Back One-Seat Lounge with Private Shades

Kimball Office Villa CollectionVilla Privacy-Back Two-Seat Lounge with Semi-Private Shades

Download a copy of Villa Shade brochure here and see the entire Villa collection here.
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