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Miele Built-In Coffee Machine: A Girl’s Best Friend

Miele Built-In Coffe Machine on Display at AUTCOhome

Miele Built-In Coffe Machine on Display at AUTCOhome
We recently received a note from Emily, the newest hire at AUTCOhome. It was actually more of an ode to the Miele Built-In Coffee Machine. As the showroom’s sole coffee drinker, the two have become fast friends. While she might be a tad biased, we think her testimonial to its greatness makes for a good read.

“By the end of my first week at AUTCO, I was feeling comfortable enough to venture over to the coffeemaker unsupervised.  Our showroom features a black Miele 24” Built-In Coffee Machine that sits so subtly on the wall that admittedly, it had to be explained to me that that’s where the coffee maker is.  Yes, that thing there.  Of course we’re sure.  

During the short minute the machine takes to warm up the water, I would build with anticipation and my eyes would light up when its touch screen told me it was time.  I hit the coffee button and the machine politely asks if it should make two portions instead of one.  No, Miele.  You’re my only mate.  The coffee brews immediately and pours the perfect portion into my mug, which is usually about the time my mind is reasoning that this machine somehow knows and understands me and has been waiting for me to make my showroom debut.  I am the lone coffee drinker among our staff of four, so my delusions are easily fueled because I know I am its one and only. 

We all relate to our appliances differently.  I am irritated with my toaster which either blackens the bread or refuses to toast it in the slightest.  I ridicule our microwave that insists on splatter painting with all the food it warms.  In my months here, I have never found reason to get mad at my Miele.  It never makes me guess what it will do, which is good because I am not one for guessing games first thing in the morning.  It performs like I know it will, and my coffees have been delectable day after day. In addition to producing perfect coffee, the machine grinds the beans itself so freshness has never been a question. 

After the two week honeymoon phase, I began to have doubts.  My brew had just finished and I noticed a “10 Uses until Descaling” notice flash on the screen.  As the only one who has been actively using the machine, I knew the burden would fall on me.  As D-day drew nearer, I wondered if the honeymoon was over and desperately hoped that would not be the case. 

I arrived at work to see my love ask me to press a button to start the descaling.  What? No other steps necessary?  To my surprise, the entire process took around the same amount of time it would take a peasant coffee maker to heat up and brew.  Happily surprised I smiled to myself.  It seems Miele has thought of everything when it comes to their in home coffee systems. 

It’s reliable, sexy and doesn’t make me play guessing games.  It puts my needs before its own, not to mention we look great together.  So treat yourself—you deserve it.  You’ve kissed a lot of coffee making frogs and your prince is finally here.” 


As if you need them, a few more reasons you’ll love your Miele Built-In Coffee Machine…

● One touch preparation, including cappuccino, latte and macchiato (yes, we said one touch)

● Grinds whole beans or can take pre-ground coffee

● Dual dispensing spouts

● Automatic rinse and cleaning programs

● Height adjustable dispenser and cup settings


Contact the showroom for more information, or stop by Monday through Saturday and have Emily introduce you to her new best friend.