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Colormix 2015 at the IDC

Colormix 2015 at KDR Designer Showrooms
This year’s Colormix 2015 event presented by Sherwin-Williams offered an optimistic look at the upcoming year in color. Designers gathered at KDR Designer Showrooms on the evening of October 9 to hear Director of Color Marketing, Jackie Jordan present her four palettes that both excited and inspired.

Colormix Decor

The evening’s festivities were kicked off with inspired libations and hors d’oeuvres, color tools and resources, vibrant décor and a stiff competition between the Center’s showrooms. After touring AUTCOhome, Premier Plumbing Studio, Working Spaces and Beck/Allen Cabinetry, ballots were cast for the winner of the Colormix Experience Challenge. Votes were tallied, and it was close, but Premier Plumbing Studio took home the award, the Colormix Cup.

Also a lucky winner that night, our attendance prize, an iPad Air, went home with the very fortunate Marcene Darby. Congrats to Premier Plumbing Studio and Marlene!

Colormix 2015 Event Photos

Colormix Event Seating
Colormix 2015 at Working Spaces

KDR Designer Showrooms

Colormix at KDR Designer Showrooms


Owner of KDR Designer Showrooms, Kevin Kenney and Director of Marketing, Amanda Bauer

Kevin and Lori Kenney, Owner of KDR Designer Showrooms

 Kevin and Lori Kenney

Colormix at Premier Plumbing Studio
KDR Designer Showrooms

Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-Williams

Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin-Williams, Jackie Jordan

Colormix 2015 at the IDC
Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-Williams

Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-Williams
Colormix 2015 at the IDC
Colormix 2015, KDR Designer Showrooms
KDR Designer Showooms and Walbrandt Technologies
Kevin Kenney, Aaron Walbrandt and Rick Ross of Walbrandt Technologies

Sherwin-Williams St. Louis Colormix Event
A special thanks to Jackie Jordan and the St. Louis team at Sherwin-Williams.

Photography by Kate Munsch.