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Mood Board: Herringbone

As designers often do, the ladies of JCR Design Group have developed a bit of a crush. Sometimes a color, a brand or a pattern just seems to resonate, and for Jennifer Rapp and her design team, a fondness for herringbone has set in. See where they’re loving this classic, from fashion and furniture to floors and follow them on Pinterest to keep up with their latest finds.

Herringbone JCR Design Group

1. Herringbone tiles as seen on Remodelista, photo by Nicole Franzen.  2. Herringbone top via Pinterest  3.  Herringbone Drawer Cabinet  4. Garden from a Boston Federal rowhouse from nytimes.com via Pinterest  5. Gertrude Chevron Chest  6. Hide Rug

For more information on the items pictured above, contact JCR Design Group at 314.706.2727.