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Snowsound Acoustic Panels

Snowsound Acoustic Panels

Snowsound Acoustic Panels

Headquartered in LA, designed in Europe and made in Italy, Snowsound acoustic panels are now available in St. Louis through Working Spaces. Taking inspiration from nature, the line of acoustic panels mimics the unmistakable sound, or lack thereof, you’re accustomed to after a freshly fallen snow.

Acoustic comfort is something that can be taken for granted. We recognize a well-designed space when the furnishings and floorplan are pleasing and functional, but elements we don’t see can have an enormous impact on our environment.

Snowsound has created a versatile collection of acoustic panels with design in mind. Wall mounts, freestanding panels, ceiling mounts, even magnetic applications combine with 12 colors and varying shapes and sizes giving users the capability to create customized solutions that blend seamlessly with surrounding elements.

They’ve married their patented, recyclable material with the vision of top European designers, sound engineers, even musicians. Designs range from the simplicity of Mitesco, to Flap’s contemporary forms that can be used to create a dramatic, artistic focal point.

Snowsound Designs

Snowsound Acoustic Panels


Snowsound Acoustic Panels | Flap

Ceiling Mount Acoustic Panels by Snowsound

Flap Wings




Baffle Acoustic Panels by Snowsound


Acoustic Panels for Drop Ceilings by Snowsound


Room Dividing Acoustic Panels


Floorstanding Acoustic Panels


Snowsound panels will be on display at Working Spaces soon. Contact a member of their team to discuss sound masking needs for your commercial or residential projects or stop by the showroom Monday through Friday.

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