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Towel Warmers: Luxury + Unexpected Benefits

Towel Warmers from Artos | Explore the unexpected benefits of towel warmers.

Get Betsy Hayden of Premier Plumbing Studio started on the topic of towel warmers, and she may not stop. For a while at least. And now that we understand the full benefits and range of affordable-to-luxury options, we’re certain that you too will be convinced this may as much a “need” as a “want” for your bathroom.

Artos Towel Warmers | Learn more about the luxuries and practical benefits.

Uncovering the practical benefits of what seems like a luxury-driven product was eye-opening. Before delving into the hidden truths, we did take a moment to imagine warm pajamas on a winter night and a warm robe as we step out of a shower. Dreamy, right?

More than a Luxury

In Europe, towel warmers are commonplace. They leave them on at all times for a multitude of reasons. First, to prevent any need to preheat before use. Betsy explained that it usually takes about 30 minutes for a unit to reach its desired temperature. Not dried properly, damp towels can foster the growth of mold. Towel warmers will dry towels completely, keeping them fresh, and extending the life of a towel between washes. And in addition to drying towels, delicate garments can also be hung on a warmer to dry. Keeping the unit on at all times also works to reduce moisture in the air, a common problem in many bathrooms that can cause the growth of mold and mildew.

Installation Options

Your room’s design and your budget can guide your purchase of a towel warmer—as we’ve said, these are not strictly for the luxury consumer. While the units can be hard-wired, they can also be plugged into a standard outlet. Freestanding and wall-mounted styles are available.

Towel Warmers by Artos

Premier Plumbing Studio carries the Artos line of products which are made in Italy. There are two best-selling styles, and both are currently on display in the showroom. The Denby is a classic design offered in several finishes. It can be hard-wired, plugged in or connected to a hot water supply.  The Leoni offers the same finish and connectivity options but with a striking, contemporary style.

Artos Towel Warmers

Stop the showroom and let Betsy or one of the sales associates at Premier Plumbing Studio help you start your search for the ideal unit to suit your space.