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Steam Shower Basics and Health Benefits

ThermaSol Microtouch Series Steam Shower Control

For the relief of everything from sinus issues to stress, asthma and allergies, the moist heat from a steam shower promotes wellness, offering a long list of health benefits. ThermaSol, available through Premier Plumbing Studio, is an industry leader and has been in business since 1958. Their steam shower systems can convert your existing shower into a personal spa.

The team at Premier Plumbing Studio has seen a growing interest in steam showers and their interactive ThermaSol showroom display is a fantastic resource for homeowners considering the addition of a steam component.

ThermaSol Steam Shower Controls and Showerheads

ThermaSol products are designed to integrate with your shower. The available steamheads and controls range from basic to touchscreens. Understanding the components and building your own personal system is simple using the ThermaSol website.


To Build Your ThermaSol Steam Shower…

1. Visit the ThermaSol website and enter your shower dimensions to determine the generator size.

2. Choose from three Control/Steamhead options.

3. Select a style and finish.

4. Add additional features for a luxurious, multi-sensory experience (lights, sound, fog-free mirrors and seating).

Get started now with their online design tool.

ThermaSol Steam Shower Touchscreen Controls


Aromatherapy and Steam Showers

For those who swear by the power of essential oils, simply add a few drops of your favorite fragrance to the steamhead to elevate your spa experience. ThermaSol offers a complete line of their own organic aromatherapy oils.


Visit Premier Plumbing Studio to see the ThermaSol display or call 314.872.9339 to learn more.