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Creative Solutions to Interior Design Dilemmas

Kitchen Design Ideas for Pet Food

When a client knows exactly what they want, it’s up to the interior designer to make it happen. And the answer isn’t always easy or obvious. Creative problem solving comes into play on a daily basis at Marcia Moore Design and they’ve shared a handful of memorable solutions that required innovative ideas for construction, lighting and accessories.

10 Creative Solutions to Design Dilemmas

Design Dilemmas Solved - Marcia Moore Design

A client’s knob and tube wiring was transformed into a clever display with the addition of custom molding and lighting.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Pet Food

An out-of-sight solution was designed for pet dishes.

Ottomans - Marcia Moore Design

Multi-purpose pieces function as ottomans and a substitute for the common coffee table.

Kitchen Coffee Bar by Marcia Moore Design

To keep counters clutter free and make the most of unused space, Marcia designed a coffee station with easy access from the breakfast room.

Faux Finish Ideas by Marcia Moore Design

An ordinary switch plate disappears with a faux finish mimicking the backsplash tile.

Marcia Moore Design - Lighting Ideas

When a client’s choice of lighting was a bit too tall for the entry, a custom design for this coffered ceiling made it possible.

Coastal Dining Room Inspiration - Marcia Moore Design

A small space called for a console table and this custom, glass-topped design mounted to the wall ensured the space remained open and airy in keeping with the room’s coastal decor.

Coastal Art Gallery by Marcia Moore Design

A bright gallery of paintings and accessories distracts from the necessary (but not necessarily beautiful) switch plates.

Marcia Moore Design - Creative Design Solutions

Marcia chose tall sculptures to fill empty space in unusually tall built-ins

Herringbone Wood Floors - Marcia Moore Design

To add visual interest to otherwise ordinary wood floors, Marcia suggested a classic herringbone pattern.

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