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Washer and Dryer Innovation from Samsung

For those who thrive on organization, back to school may be what you consider “the most wonderful time of the year.” The fresh scent of crayons and erasers is in the air. Lunches are packed the night before, color-coded calendars and checklists mark after school activities, birthday parties and playdates. Clothes are pressed and hanging—for organizational extremists, colorful hangers cheerfully denote the day of the week.

Preparedness is key, even if it only lasts some of us a few weeks.

No matter which camp you fall into, with today’s fast-paced family schedules, there’s no denying we need as much as help as we can get and Samsung hears us loud and clear. They’ve recognized that one of our greatest barriers to that work/life balance we strive for is time. Their new washer and dryer designs tackle time and more, with efficiency and advanced cleaning capabilities.

Washer and Dryer | FlexWash Washer by Samsung

Introducing FlexWash & FlexDry | A Faster, Better Washer and Dryer

Samsung has taken their reputation for innovation and brought a new level of efficiency and thoughtfulness to a daily task, enabling us to do if faster and better.

• Wash TWO different loads at one time

• 30 minute wash cycle

•Steam Wash tackles tough stains

• 6 cubic feet total

• Reduced vibration promsies a balanced, quiet wash

• Monitor your cycle and receive alerts from your smartphone

• Dedicated delicate dryer allows for flat drying

• Dry delicates and everyday laundry all at once

• Skip the iron with Multi-Steam Technology




From now on, those last-minute morning moments will be stress- and wrinkle-free!  FlexWash and FlexDry will be on display soon at AUTCOhome, alongside an entire lineup of Samsung appliances.

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