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New Arrivals: Stream Bath by MTI

Stream Bath by MTI Baths

Little compares to the peace one finds within nature. Its beauty reaches us through each of our senses. MTI Baths has captured the sight, sound and feel of a forest stream flowing gently around us with their Stream Bath. The only one of its kind in St. Louis has arrived and is on display at Premier Plumbing Studio.

Technology enables us to experience this unparalleled feeling of calm and serenity within the walls of our own home. Unlike whirlpools and air baths, the Stream Bath relies not upon air, but gentle currents.

A system of vents direct the water toward your body; side vents can be adjusted upward to create the illusion of a babbling brook. And the Stream Bathโ€™s optional inline heater can be used to maintain a comfortable 104 degrees.

Stream Bath by MTI - Premier Plumbing Studio



Stream Bath by MTI


Two end vents and six adjustable side vents direct the flow of water.

To learn more, download a brochure and stop by the showroom Monday through Friday for a demonstration.


Attend our upcoming Lunch and Learn CEU presented by MTI Baths on September 27 at 11:30. Lunch will be provided.

Contact Shelly Klohmann in the showroom to register: sklohmann@wpsco.com.