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The Séura SMART Mirror

Seura Smart Mirror

Introducing the Séura SMART Mirror, available through Walbrandt Technologies, transforms your bathroom mirror into a multi-functional screen that keeps you connected to your favorite apps as you get ready for the day. The Séura SMART mirror brings the functionality of your smartphone to a large touchscreen display in your bathroom. Voice-activated capabilities allow you to compose emails or search the web completely hands-free, and touch controls allow you to adjust screen placement and scroll through content. When turned off, the display disappears entirely, leaving behind your beautiful bathroom mirror.

Those looking to make their everyday routine more efficient and comfortable won’t want to miss this innovative technology!

Seura Smart Mirror

Performance Features:

  • Over a million widgets and apps available via the Google App Store
  • Touch control options
  • Voice control options
  • Connect to your calendar
  • Watch television
  • Listen to music
  • Check the weather
  • Search the web
  • Plus much more!

The Séura SMART Mirror is customizable, creating a one-of-a-kind display that perfectly reflects your personal needs and taste.

Custom Capabilities:

  • Mirror shape and size
  • Screen placement
  • Frames
  • Etched lighting designs and more!

Additional Features of the Séura SMART Mirror:

  • Vanishing technology
  • 4K UHD picture clarity
  • Display is four times the size of the average tablet

Séura, a designer technology company, is the industry leading manufacturer of TV Mirror Solutions. Séura designs and builds TV mirrors, outdoor TVs, waterproof TV, and lighted mirrors available for modern homes, hotels, and commercial environments.

Visit Walbrandt Technologies to learn more about the Séura SMART Mirror.  314.627.0346