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Your new home theater… hidden in plain sight

Home Theater Installation
Image courtesy Pinterest

The home theater is ready to break out of the shadows.

Modern home theater projector screen systems are no longer confined to the theatre room in a home. No need to compromise style for technology or commit your family’s cinema experience to the darkest areas of your home. Walbrandt Technologies has always prided itself in its ability to seamlessly integrate technology into a home with a very minimal touch. Advances in technology have moved projectors away from older, bulb style systems to new lasers as a light source due to their brightness levels. This allows it to projector a bright image in well-lit rooms and also have a much longer lifecycle than previous systems.

There are many ways to hide a projector based theater in the home. While having a large projector screen is a great way to enjoy entertainment at home, it can be unsightly. One hot trend in automation is to integrate the home theater within a living room or family room, by using hidden components that reveal themselves when you are ready to use. While hidden screens and projectors are not new, moving the theater out of the Theatre room opens new opportunities to incorporate technology in plain sight.

Imagine, pressing ONE BUTTON and…

·      Lights dim

·      Projection screen lowers

·      Window coverings close (shades or drapes)

·      Hidden A/V system turns on

·      Projector emerges from the ceiling

With the help of home automation, transforming your living room into the ultimate entertainment space is easy to achieve.

Home Automation Living Room Theater
The photo above blends the speakers into the bookshelves to hide their true purpose. Image Courtesy Future Automation.

Sound doesn’t have to suffer.

The sound system can also be discretely hidden while offering uses outside the theater. Walbrandt offers multiple types of speakers for any decor and style. Their expert installers can ensure wires go unseen and the technology goes unnoticed.

Sonance In wall Speakers
The photo above displays a state-of-the-art in-wall speaker, which has been painted over and can no longer be seen. Image courtesy Sonance.

The experts at Walbrandt Technologies have years of experience bringing custom ideas to life and creating technology solutions to fit your home and lifestyle. With their partners at KDR Designer Showrooms and the design firms located at the Interior Design Center of St. Louis, they have the expertise and knowledge ensuring your project is completed on-time, on-budget, and is aligned with your vision.

Contact the experts at Walbrandt Technologies today to get started on your new home theater project.

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